Gradmentor Research


Dr. Kerlin and Dr. Munguia share an active and collaborative research agenda in several areas of higher education. In our consulting work we utilize scholarly references for guiding professional development among individuals and offices in colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. 

Here is an introduction to areas of research expertise in which we have provided focused consultation and support. 


(1) {Updated Jan. 2022} Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Best Practices, Effectiveness, Challenges 

(2) {Updated Jan. 2022} Diversity and Equity in Higher Education

(3) {Updated Jan. 2022} Student Success, Persistence, and Retention in Higher Education

(4) {Updated Jan. 2022} College and University Student Mental Health 

(5) {Updated Jan. 2022} Teaching Effectiveness in Higher Education

(6){Updated Jan. 2022}  Assessing Climate on College and University Campuses

(7) {Updated Jan. 2022} LGBTQI Student Trends and Issues in Higher Education

(8) {Updated Jan. 2022} Women in Higher Education Professions 

(9) {Updated Jan. 2022} Academic Faculty Vitality, Faculty Development, and Job Satisfaction

(10) {Updated Jan. 2022} Adjunct Faculty Employment in Higher Education

(11) {Updated Jan. 2022} Employee and Student Burnout in Higher Education and the Professions

(12) {Updated Jan. 2022} Attrition, Persistence and Socialization In Doctoral Education

(13) {Updated Jan. 2022} Toxic Workplace Environments, Toxic Managers, and Workplace Bullying

(14) {Updated Jan. 2022} Human Sexuality Across the Lifespan 

(15) {Updated Jan. 2022} Gender Identity, Transgender and Nonbinary Resources



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