Gradmentor Research


I have several research passions that occupy my spare moments and I love to share them. (My dream is to build a virtual online graduate colloquium that features a new subject every month.)

Here is an introduction to a few of my favorite specialties. As time permits I will provide more topics and key research on each topic that I have found to be valuable.

(1) Attrition In Doctoral Education: Trends, Causes, Solutions

(2) Factors Influencing Employee Burnout in the Professions

(3) Consequences of the Rising Trends in Adjunct Faculty Employment in Higher Education, 1980 to the Present

(4) LGBTQI Student Trends, Issues and Campus Climate in American Higher Education 

(5) Influence of Toxic Workplace Environments on Employee Mental Health

(6) Human Sexuality and Gender Identity Across the Lifespan

(7) First-Generation University Graduates Who Earn the PhD

(8) Trends in Student Health Measured by the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) of the American College Health Association, 2000 to the Present 


[This section is currently under development].