Data, Statistics & Surveys

For many researchers, the strategic application of quantitative skills is absolutely essential. All the same, many new researchers in any discipline may feel thoroughly overwhelmed by the sheer array of software and methods and applications of quantitative reason.

What follows is an introduction to the basic elements of statistical analysis and the systematic use of data in a variety of academic disciplines and contexts. This page will continue to grow over time, and I welcome recommendations from my visitors.

I specialize in the strategic application of enterprise-level data analytics for conducting and reporting on institutional effectiveness assessments, with a particular focus on reviewing academic programs and measuring student outcomes in collaboration with institutional accrediting bodies such as WASC Senior College & University Commission. I’m also experienced with teaching graduate-level research methods courses in several disciplines, emphasizing diverse quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Note: For access to an array of advanced references devoted to data analytics and quantitative research methods, be sure to visit my page on Research Foundations.

Elements of Data Research and Analysis

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