Music is a lifelong passion for me, especially jazz, classical music, opera, classic rock, Black music and soul, punk rock, world music, and meditative music. Sharing my love for music here is a very big deal for me! I hardly know where to begin.

Between 1974 and 1980, I had the privilege of managing the largest jazz and popular music university library recording archive in the U.S. at Northwestern University.  This library collection was utilized as an educational feature at Northwestern’s jazz studies program. I attribute much of my music educational history to this period of my life.

One of my all-time favorite music labels is ECM Records. First encounter: 1971, not long after the label was launched. I will share many of my favorite ECM performers here.

My very first artist discovery on the ECM label was Keith Jarrett. First time seeing him was 1975, at the Amazingrace Coffee House at Northwestern University.  Most recently I saw him with his trio in San Francisco, 2016.

A complete Jarrett biography and discography are available from Here are some of his concerts available from youtube:


[To be continued]