DES Research: Emphasis on Reproduction, Sexuality, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (Published literature)


In my extensive work with documenting the health and life experiences of nearly 1000 members of my DES Sons research network between 1999 and 2020 (as described in my report on DES and Human Health Effects: Emphasis on Gender and Sexuality (2020), several issues of sexuality, sexual health, gender identity, reproductive and sexual disorders became prominent. I have held long-standing interest in these topics, and I have been moved to review a very broad scope of scientific literature that gives context to my research investigation and preliminary findings.

What follows is a directory of recommend reading for others who have a similar interest or curiosity. This is very much an active area of my continuing research investigation, and as such will continue to expand as I identify fresh research that is related to “the prenatal hormonal influence on human sexuality and gender identity.”


Journal References 1973-2023


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