Graduate Student Advice

I’ve been counseling graduate students for more than 3 decades. Oh my goodness, I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Every year since I began–right up to the present–has been a wonderful journey of discovering the joys and sorrows of graduate study. From my own experiences, to the experiences shared by everyone I have had the privilege of counseling since that time.

Every graduate student that ventures along the road to success is tested by various challenges along the way. I found it tremendously beneficial to maintain a personal journal of my reflections. Writing a journal allows you to keep in touch with your own personal writing style. At the same time, it will nurture your personal “voice”.

Here is a source on journaling for graduate students that I recommend for further reading:

Journaling in Graduate School, by Fred Hohman

One of the major insights I gained from all of my years of personal experience in graduate school is this: It is so terribly easy to feel alone and lacking support. Self-confidence grows one day at a time but often without any direct feedback. Having a mentor or friend or companion makes it so much easier to stay on the path toward completion. This is where Gradmentor can make a huge difference for your success. If you’d like to learn more about my professional services contact me today!



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