Gradmentor Services


Gradmentor provides a range of services including professional counseling, career guidance, and research support.

* For Individuals:

If you are currently in need of counseling or emotional support services, I provide a wide array of resources and affordable counseling services. For more details, visit my Counseling and Mental Health Support page.

* For Prospective and Current Graduate Students:

If you are considering pursuing a graduate degree (Master’s, Doctorate, or Professional) or if you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, I  recommend visiting my graduate references page and my research tools page. Then consider these questions:

  • Are you seeking professional support for completing your doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis?
  • Do you need guidance on how to work effectively with your graduate adviser or committee?
  • Have you reached a major turning point in your graduate degree program and need help with reviewing your options?
  • Are you in need of guidance on how to effectively utilize a wide array of advanced research tools?

Gradmentor will help you maximize your academic and career potential!

Since 1994, Dr. Scott Kerlin has mentored hundreds of graduate students in U.S. and Canadian universities toward successful completion of their graduate degrees and evaluation of their professional career options.

Gradmentor delivers effective, affordable results-driven professional coaching and personal counseling for individual graduate students. Scott specializes in a variety of services:

  • thesis and dissertation coaching for timely completion in all academic disciplines
  • assistance with research and thesis/dissertation writing and development
  • enhanced student motivation and momentum to complete the graduate degree
  • clarification and evaluation of career goals and strategies
  • development of a solid plan and accountability for your success
  • strategies for evaluating effectiveness of committee faculty and managing academic politics
  • providing emotional and interpersonal support
  • boosting your self-confidence and increasing your personal empowerment
  • reducing stress, anxiety, and isolation

A comprehensive overview of my dissertation coaching services is available from my dissertation coaching page.

With guidance from Gradmentor, you will succeed at all of your graduate degree and career development goals. Scott’s services are provided confidentially via telephone and email. On special request, in-person meetings can be arranged in the San Francisco Bay region. 

Scott’s Coaching Themes and Areas of Emphasis

Motivation to Succeed – discovering how to use positive psychology to reduce time needed to complete your graduate degree

Setting Realistic Expectations – understanding and enhancing your thesis or dissertation writing patterns

Boosting Self-Confidence – maximizing your intellectual potential and personal growth

Choosing a Meaningful and Valuable Research Topic – building a solid investigation plan for shaping your research emphasis

Conducting an Effective Literature Review – identifying the leading publications in your discipline with the most recent, and pertinent, studies in your area of specialization

Fine-tuning and Editing Your Dissertation or Thesis – providing a careful review of your drafts in progress, including careful discussion of literature and research data presentations

Preparing for Your Dissertation or Thesis Defense – guiding careful preparation and timeline-setting for completion of your defense

Assessing Your Professional Development Needs – developing an effective plan for graduate degree and career success

Overcoming Obstacles – identifying and moving beyond barriers to your degree progress

Maintaining Your Well-Being and Preserving Your Relationships – creating life balance and fulfillment; managing relationships with spouses, partners, or family members

Understanding Academic Politics – recognizing the power dynamics of working with advisers and academic committees; understanding your rights as a graduate student

Clarifying Career Outcomes of Graduate Students ­– researching the career development outcomes of graduate students in your particular program and field of study



 Gradmentor services and fees are tailored to individual student needs and budgets. Here are two of my most popular packages. (Click handout for a printable copy of this.) 

        Option 1: Gradmentor Startup Package
2 Meetings Per Month)

For graduate students who seek moderate levels of support or guidance for completing the thesis or dissertation, this package provides an affordable solution. It includes two one-on-one telephone coaching sessions per month, each lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, e-mail support, as well as the following:

  • Guidance and feedback on thesis or dissertation development
  • Strategies for maintaining motivation, accountability, and timely degree progress
  • Writing support and tips for working with advisers and committees
  • Assistance with maintaining a timeline for completing the thesis or dissertation
  • Guidance for effective time-management
  • Review and assessment of career options

Option 2: Gradmentor Weekly Dissertation/Thesis Coaching Package
(4 Meetings Per Month)

Do you need ongoing, substantial professional support to see you through completion of your thesis or dissertation? This package is recommended for students who need strategic assistance during the final years of thesis or dissertation completion. It includes weekly one-on-one telephone coaching sessions each lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, along with e-mail support in between sessions.

Scott will assist you with:

  • Setting and maintaining goals that are realistic, achievable, and sustainable
  • Gaining or regaining an overall sense of empowerment–you are in the driver’s seat
  • Creating an Individual Strategic Plan (ISP) with clear steps towards reaching your goals
  • Clarifying your research topic and evaluating various research methods
  • Strengthening and polishing your writing skills, overcoming writing anxiety
  • Reviewing your thesis or dissertation for writing quality and “defensibility”
  • Practicing for presentations (oral, written, or electronic) and interviews
  • Preparing for the oral defense (at the proposal and final stages)
  • Planning for academic publication and presentation at scholarly conferences
  • Identifying your core strengths, professional objectives, and transferable career skills (I use a variety of career and personal assessment indicators)
  • Clarifying personal, intellectual, and professional ethics and values
  • Maintaining your overall health and wellness
  • Balancing multiple commitments (graduate degree, family, career)
  • Managing your time effectively

    Other packages are available on request–see contact details below.

To arrange for an initial (30 minute) free telephone consultation and confidential review of your specific degree-completion needs, contact Scott at