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What does your career journey mean to you? Is it helping you to discover new insights about yourself? Is it opening new doors of possibility for programming your next career steps? Are you currently searching for a new job or evaluating your current career pathway? 

In these times of change and uncertainty, you may well be thinking about your career ambitions and accomplishments. You may also be doing some soul-searching about yourself: Your skills, passions, natural abilities, and aspirations. 

I have assisted many professionals and students in higher education with evaluating their current career direction and exploring alternative future pathways. If you find yourself in this status, I recommend reviewing my guide:

Exploring Your Career Path

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If your current work situation or your experience in higher education is motivating you to reevaluate your career options, you are not alone! I invite you to contact me for guidance and support. 

As a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) I stay current with the leading research on occupational trends, career assessments and career resources. I emphasize the importance of building an Individualized Strategic Plan (ISP) for developing and constantly reviewing your job search strategy.  

It is our aim to empower you with support, relevant information, and effective career coaching. The links below should give you an excellent start on learning more about yourself and evaluating your career options.

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