Toxic Workplaces and Burnout

Is Your Current Workplace Toxic? Are you in Danger of Burnout?

For some people, a critical bump in the career journey occurs when a crisis of faith arrives: Realizing that they are working in a highly toxic workplace or profession. Consider this recent study of the destructive aspects of working for a bad boss. As this report points out, 56% of American workers report having toxic managers.

Toxic workplaces can cause tremendous harm to employees’ mental health, career satisfaction, motivation, and self-confidence. If not addressed, employees can be vulnerable to conditions such as post-tramautic stress disorder (PTSD) and even burnout

* If you are a highly-sensitive person (HSP) like me, you may find it helpful to review my shared insights about Work, Stress, and the HSP, which I authored in 2019 for the blogsite  HSP World.

I have extensive research and work experience in this area, and I can recommend many sources to give you tools for assessing the quality of your own workplace environment. 

For starters in this area, I recommend that you review the following articles. Try to apply them to your current or most recent direct supervisor or your general work environment:

Further research on factors associated with employee burnout is available through my Gradmentor Research directory.

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