Research: Attrition, Persistence and Socialization in Graduate Education: Trends, Factors, Solutions

BACKGROUND: For many years, research in the U.S. and Canada has continued to show that students who enter doctoral programs (Ph.D. and Ed.D) have a 50% chance of never completing their degrees. This is a subject that I have researched for more than 30 years, since first embarking on my own successful PhD journey in 1989.

Recommended text for graduate students and faculty: A wonderful new source of wisdom for graduate students who teach and who aspire to future professorial careers is Teaching Gradually: Practical Pedagogy for Graduate Students, edited by Kacie L. Armstrong, Lauren A. Genova, John Wyatt Greenlee, & Derina S. Samuel (2021) 

[For further references on this topic, see References on Success and Survival in Graduate School on the Graduate References section of GradMentor]

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