DES Third and Fourth Generations: Research Trends


Since 1990, there has been a significant range of published research articles that focus specifically on diverse effects of diethylstilbestrol (DES) in children born to mothers and fathers who were prenatally exposed to DES (i.e. third-generation “DES grandchildren”).

This section will continue to evolve as more research is identified, and a summary of key findings and trends in the literature will soon become available.

Frequently Listed Effects for Third Generation “DES Grandchildren”

(Under Development)

* Increased risk for neurodevelopmental effects, particularly ADHD
* Increased risk in DES granddaughters of irregular menses and amenorrhea
* Possible increase in infertility in DES granddaughters
* Increased risk of preterm delivery and possibility of ectopic pregnancy in DES granddaughters
* Increased risk of genital anomalies (particularly hypospadias) in DES grandsons


Journal References 1990-2023


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