Research Tools


For established academic and scientific researchers, there is a broad array of tools and approaches to gathering and presenting your research. For graduate students, developing and completing graduate degree requirements typically centers around the “magnum opus”: the doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis. Below are some of the key components you will need to address, along with recommended tools for successful completion. 

My advice for you: Examine the resources below, and decide which stage of research you are currently evaluating. Decide on your timelines for project completion, and then contact me.

Contents for this page include:

A. Background and Preparation Resources

I. Writing and Literature Review Resources
II. Preparing Your Research Proposal
III. Developing Your Dissertation/Thesis

B. Methodology and Analysis Resources

IV. Quantitative and Statistical Methods
V. Advanced Quantitative Methods
VI. Qualitative Methods
VII. Survey Research
VIII. Using SPSS, SAS, Stata, R

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