Research Tools


Developing and completing your graduate degree requirements typically centers around the “magnum opus”: the doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis. Below are some of the key components you will need to address, along with recommended tools for successful completion.

As a seasoned research professional, I can provide solid assistance in your effort to examine and refine your own particular approach to graduate-level research.

My advice for you: Examine the full range of resources below, decide which stage of research you are currently evaluating. Decide on your timelines for completion, and then contact me.

Contents for this page include:

A. Background and Preparation Resources

I. Writing and Literature Review Resources
II. Preparing Your Research Proposal
III. Developing Your Dissertation/Thesis

B. Methodology and Analysis Resources

IV. Quantitative and Statistical Methods
V. Advanced Quantitative Methods
VI. Qualitative Methods
VII. Survey Research
VIII. Using SPSS, SAS, Stata, R

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