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Tranquility at Yosemite

The journey through life is a time of challenge, growth, personal discovery and transformation. Sometimes you’ll feel confident that you’re making terrific progress. Sometimes, you may feel a bit uncertain about it all.

If you’re a soul-searcher like me, you’re probably engaged in a true search for meaning and purpose and perhaps finding your true mission in life: Your work on the planet. A spiritual quest.

I am so happy to share my Counseling and Mental Health services with my professional colleague, Dr. Eva Munguia, who, like me, is based in California. We are both dedicated to helping you!

For more information about Eva, you can visit Eva’s Place at Grad-Mentor.

In my own educational and career journey, counseling others has consistently been a source of joy, gladness, and fulfillment. It started when I was in high school–and it’s never stopped. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I am attuned to emotions and deep self-reflection in others. I highly recommend a visit to HSP World for healthy insights that may indeed open your eyes to your own challenges and inner gifts.

I deeply honor your pursuits. I also know that you deserve to be kind to yourself as you pursue these next steps. Introspection is a wonderful part of the process, but it can be challenging if you strictly “go it alone.”

* I have more than 35 years of professional experience and research in the areas of college and university student development, higher education administration, and institutional effectiveness. I have developed a comprehensive guide to Research on College and University Student Mental Health that I update weekly.

* I am a member of the American Psychological Association, the Healthy Minds Network,  the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and the National Career Development Association.  I am certified in Mental Health First Aid and QPR Suicide Awareness.


To All of Our Visitors: 

If you need a safe place to reflect and explore yourself with loving kindness from another person,  you are invited to consider this offer of assistance. You can reach out to us, we can talk,  and either I or Dr. Munguia can offer wisdom, advice and support. We can also refer you to other colleagues who have various professional counseling specialties.

To our Graduate Student Visitors:

If you are a current graduate student, you can visit my reference page on Graduate Student Mental Health Issues.

Our Professional Counseling Services Address these Themes:

For starters, consider these options:

Being true to your inner voice is so essential. Feeling support from others is equally vital.

We  both offer a full range of options for working together, including video meetings (Zoom, Google video), telephone or email support, and online research guidance where appropriate.

For further details about our counseling services, you may contact me.


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