Research: Toxic Workplaces, Toxic Managers, & Workplace Bullying

I have devoted a considerable portion of my Counseling and Management Consulting practice and more than 30 years of research to helping individuals have healthy workplace experiences and to move away from jobs that are injurious to their mental and physical health. I also consult organizational leaders on strategies for improving the overall work climate for their employees.

Workplace bullying is often a byproduct of a toxic work environment, which is defined as one where negative behaviors–such as manipulation, bullying, yelling, and so on–are so intrinsic to the culture of the organization that a lack of trust, high stress levels, infighting, and discrimination become the norm.

The resources below are provided to help my visitors assess and further study the impact of toxic workplaces and bullying. Additional resource guides from Grad Mentor are available on Mental Health, Stress and Trauma in the Workplace and Employee Burnout.]

(Note: For access to published academic journal resources on these subjects, scroll further down the page.

General References

Academic Literature

Research on these topics comes from a variety of different disciplines and in times ahead I intend to expand inquiry in the fields of organizational psychology and workplace mental health studies.


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