Eva’s Place

Dr. Eva Munguia is a professional colleague who has been collaborating with Dr. Kerlin for several years in offering professional counseling & consulting services. Their combined experience includes working together on several administrative research and data-driven projects.

Some examples of their work include strengthening campus strategic plans in conjunction with senior officials, guiding several institutional effectiveness projects such as diversity planning initiatives, supporting Achieving the Dream planning, guiding the implementation of CCSSE and other campus student surveys, and supporting campus accreditation self-studies and Guided Pathways initiatives.

Together, Dr. Kerlin and Dr. Munguia have utilized their expertise in several academic research topics within higher education as well as professional career development, through which they provide the core of their consulting work. These include diversity & equity, student success & retention, student mental health, and assessing the institutional climate on campus. They are highly attuned to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health of undergraduates and graduate students and also the impact on employees in and out of higher education.

More About Eva:

  • I have a professional profile page located on LinkedIn.

  • I am a highly collaborative Latina leader with over 14 years of professional experience in higher education.

  • I hold a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (2013) and an MS in Counseling (2009).

  • My expertise for creating more inclusive institutions of higher education has led to successful outcomes for student success.

  • I have extensive professional development experience in the California community college system as a student counselor, Director and Dean of Student Success programs.

  • I am a student-centered professional who is compassionate and consistent.

  • I’m personally passionate about strengthening campus DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) initiatives and community involvement.

  • I have many years’ experience as staff supervisor in college Student Services departments.

  • I have significant experience conducting collaborative work with staff, executive administration and faculty in developing a variety of student success and diversity initiatives on and off campus.

  • I’m highly skilled in the following areas: Leadership, Counseling, Advocacy, Project Coordination, Effective Mentoring and Coaching, Student Engagement, Student Learning, Retention, and Student Success.

  • I am experienced with managing program finances and working closely with institutional data. I am also skilled and experienced with handling institutional Title IX management.

    How to contact Eva: Eva may be reached by sending email to: emunguia77@yahoo.com


At Kerlin & Associates, our mission is to ensure that all individuals are equipped to overcome the most challenging problems in academic, personal, and social concerns.  We build solutions that provide personalized pathways to higher education and career decision making.

We Believe

  • All individuals have an authentic asset with unlimited potential
  • Due to deficiencies and inequities in education, our society is deprived of the full wealth of capabilities and possibilities for every individual
  • To address some of these inequities, our approach to higher education is to exhibit the rich and diverse history and culture of our clients and foster culture competency for all seeking our services

Examples of Our Services

  • Developing culturally relevant seminars and workshops for faculty and staff
  • Providing support in personal and mental health matters
  • Mentoring and coaching undergraduate and graduate students
  • Strategic plan development and review
  • Utilizing data and survey research to assess strengths and needs
  • Conducting extensive research literature reviews to identify key and emerging themes in higher education student and faculty affairs.
  • Promoting campus diversity & equity initiatives
  • Informing campus professionals about the latest trends in COVID-19 responsiveness and insights gained from recent experiences
  • Offering college counseling and financial planning assistance
  • Creating safe spaces for dialogue on various topics of life
  • Providing career assessment and professional development assistance

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